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First things first so I am really sorry to all of you(I mean less than half a dozen of people who really take time out of your schedule to read a blog that is updated once in a month) that I’m so late in blogging. Well it was not my fault because my mom got my internet connection disconnected. She wanted me to concentrate more on my studies. Seriously speaking I don’t even like a word of my studies. Not that I am against education but I don’t think that studies in school will help me anywhere in my life. So even disconnecting my net connection will help me either.

Saying about the topic it came from my own personnel life actually my school. I don’t know why everyone at school call me Harry potter .some say I look like him while the others say because others say. to confess way back in my class 9 I wanted everyone to call me with that name cause I wanted to take my potter fan following to the next level. I wanted that I wanted to know that I read Harry potter. I made my book club project on hp(Harry potter) and on the school’s book week when every member of the book club was to dress up as a character I became hp.i wanted that I should be the greatest hp fan in the school. my wish was answered at last, Everyone in my school called me Harry potter-the boy who lived….then things slowly began to go out of hands my classmates whom I didn’t even knew called me by the same name. I wondered if they even knew my real name. When book 6 was released I lost my identity. So what if I was thin, long and wore spectacles, I had my own identity. I didn’t know how to react how to react when my crush called me Harry. Should I call her Ginny???(lol).when book seven was to be released everyone came up o me and said that I should stop studding and should enjoy my life as I had few days left in my life. How could I do this to me? I still curse my friend who insisted me to read Harry potter. How do I deal with it? I am so confused.Hey you people out there can you help me????please do reply…..


Phew! I had about 10 hours electricity breakdown here in my place. I couldn’t sleep all the night long due to the heat and humidity because of the cut. There was no electricity all the day long except for few second at about 2 in the noon. I am so angry with the government of our state because they released an article in press yesterday that they have completed 100 days of their rule in the state and in next five years of their reign they will turn the state into California. I want to ask them that is it does California has 10 hour power cuts and that too in forty degrees!!! (Yes you read it right).anyways hats off to them.

Well to describe more my day today was boring except the new comer at our math’s tuition. When I went to my math’s tuition at around quarter to six in the morning I saw an unfamiliar face there. It was a girl sitting beside other two I knew very well but I was seeing the third one for the first time and I knew it was my eighty sixth (approx. value) crush-at-first-sight. I was left insane when I saw her and couldn’t get my eyes off her. She was as milk and had curves in her body any boy would die for I was watching her all the hour long and for the first time that my class which an hour I wanted it to last a little more. Well lets see if she comes again tomorrow inspite of my stares on her al the hour long and rescues me from the boring math’s tuition…


well i’m so sleepy while writing the blog that i think that i might just doze of while writinn it was not that i did’nt sleep at night but i slept too late at around three in the morning and woke up at five thirty for raje’s(teacher’s pet name) maths tution.i was barely home for an hour after the class which i wasted to bathe and eat and lo it was time for my accountancy and economics tution at eight to nine&nine to ten resp.speakinn the truth i didnt understand a word of any of them b’coz i was too sleepy for i’m home and when i try to sleep i just cant do it.i dunno but i cant sleep b’coz i think i completed a bit of it durinn the short naps(thanks to them the gave such a relief) durinn my classes.being unable to do any thing i decided tah i should trynna do someting interestinn on the net after writing my blog maybe see other’s comments on yesterday’s tennis match(shame on you if you don’t know bout it.) between Federer and Nadal and worst part of it Nadal won.I had spent my whole afternoon and evening on it but all in vain now.well i think that Federer should get lucky in wimbledon as he is used to it.well i think i’m getting a pint of sleep and i dont want to miss it cause we hardly get to sleep in such a hot town(45°C)so i’ll stop blogging…….


well this is my first blog entry on word press.whole credit of this blog belongs to ish who introduced me to the world of blogging and wordpress.earlier i thought that blogging was a waste of time and it was written by people who didn’t have any other job or friends but now i understand that it is much more.well since it is a blog so i think i should write my special event of the day in it.well my exams are finally over and my summer hols have just began. i think i’ll spend whole of my day surfing on net or watchinn t.v. well one doesent has many options bout  spending time in hols here in India since the only option left leaving studing(yuk) is joining a summer workshop where they make you “learn” to dance or sing which i think is a total timewaste.well i think its enough for now for me since i’m not very used to writing on the please leave lots of comments on how can i improove my blogging……